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Captain America: Civil War

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Captain America: Civil War - Trailer

Release date: May 6th, 2016

Rotten Tomato Critic92%
IMDb8.5 /10
Box Office Mojo181.8 million

* All Ratings shown above are from Mon, May 9th 9:00PM ET

Captain America: Civil War

Political interference in the Avengers' activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man.


Anthony Russo

Joe Russo


Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Chris Evans-Steve Rogers/Captain America
Robert Downey Jr.-Tony Stark/Iron Man
Scarlett Johansson-Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Sebastian Stan-Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier


# Players CritiScore
1ChristopherMartin *4.8
2DevinAnthonyDyquisto *5.8
3WinnDilworth *6.1
4JasonMartinez *6.8
6StevenTheBatmanHurst *8.2
7DanielMillan *8.5
8JasonShrestha *8.6
9WilliamMartinezDiaz *9.2
10CheyanneAguilar *9.8

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